Elena & Namuna talk about the Master in Management SDGs

The Master of Science in Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) is a post-graduate program held by LUMSA Master School in Rome, Italy, in English. It is based on a blended learning approach combining both face-to-face and online teaching. Using the most up to date Internet and communication technologies, the blended format supports ongoing student/faculty collaboration and interaction while reducing the time required for face-to-face meetings. MSDG integrates a blend of theory, practical knowledge and technical skills in the field of Social Sciences with the UN Agenda SD goals and a set of strategic competencies to manage international projects on Sustainable Development. MSDG is a program with an extensive range of fundamentals, core courses and applied projects. With its problem-solving orientations it will allow you to indulge your passion using a systemic, holistic and skills-based approach as well as an international perspective.