• The Master in Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) by LUMSA International is a one year international Master programme in English language of 1st level and it is offered in a blended format to facilitate the participation of both professionals and long-distance students.
  • This Problem-oriented, creative, innovative, learning by doing Master Programme aims to support graduated students from around the world, in the acquisition of knowledge and competencies on the management of sustainable development in dynamic environments.
  • The development of a new vision on sustainable development concerning the set of interrelated issues in a world scale to solve the related issues concerning preservation on the planet in long time will be the vision and the focus of the MSDG.
  • The Laudato si’ Encyclical by Pope Francis’, on one side, and the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, on the other, define a new vision for people, planet and prosperity for transforming our world on the basis of a new idea of Sustainable Development (SD) focused on consolidating universal peace, eradicating poverty and to heal and secure our planet ‘to shift the world on to a new sustainable and resilient path’.
  • This new approach implies inter-linkages and the multidimensional nature of the Sustainable Development Goals oriented to improve the quality of life and of the world and to create conditions for sustainable, inclusive and sustained economic growth, shared prosperity and decent work for all, taking into account different levels of national development and capacities.
  • In this innovative and attractive new framework/vision coming from the UN Agenda and Pope Francis’ Encyclical, the MSDG aims at integrating knowledge and expertise in the field of Social Sciences with the UN Agenda SD goals and a set of strategic competencies to manage international projects on Sustainable Development.
  • According to the UN goals, poverty eradication, changing unsustainable and promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production and protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development are indispensable requirement for Sustainable Development.