Important dates:

Application deadline for scholarships: 10th of July 2022 midnight, Rome local time.

Application deadline without scholarship: 24th of August, 2022, midnight, Rome local time


Where you will need to:

  1. Fill in the Application Form;
  2. Upload your Curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  3. Upload your motivation letter;
  4. Upload one copy of the ID Card/Passport;
  5. Upload a copy of your bachelor’s degree* (if you have a master’s degree, please attach both certificates) along with the official transcript of records of all your degrees**, or in case you have not graduated yet***.
  6. Upload a certified statement from your university confirming that you are in the last year of your undergraduate studies along with the official transcript of records**
  7. Upload one of the following English language certificates.
    1. Cambridge test (minimum level B2) or
    2. IELTS (minimum grade 6.5) or
    3. TOEFL (minimum grade 85).

(*) For Italian students: self-certification.

(**) All submitted documents must be in English or Italian.

(***) Students not yet graduated and on track to graduate before September 30, 2020 are welcome to apply: if the selection is passed, and all the other requirements fulfilled, these graduating candidates will be admitted “with reserve” to attend the Master’s program. Under penalty of forfeiture, they must promptly notify to Segreteria LUMSA Master School the successful completion of the qualification, which must take place before September 30, 2020.

If you hold a bachelor's degree entirely taught in English, you are exempted from providing the above English language certificate

You may also upload a screen print with your test results (from the test organization’s website).

Applicants not holding a certificate can still apply and, upon conditional offer, will be assessed by an English Knowledge Interview.



Please verify in the Website of Italian Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies  ( IF, given the length and motivation of your staying in Italy, you need VISA (anual with single entrance or annual with mulptiple entrances)  or not.


Important dates:

  • Application deadline for scholarships: 10th July 2022
  • Application deadline: 24th of August, 2022
  • Admission notification 
    • with scholarship: rolling until the 2nd of August 2022 
    • without scholarship: rolling until the 6th of August 2022
  • ​Acceptance fee for the scholarship winner: 6th of August 2022
  • “Documentation”- period*: 2nd of August- 9th of September 2022(required for the Enrolment) 
  • Enrolment Period: 2nd of August-16th September 2022
  • Enrolment Deadline: 16th September 2022

(*) During such period the student should apply for VISA, for CIMEA (or obtaining a Declaration of Value) and apply for an Italian Fiscal Code (to be obtained only after the VISA)