Namuna Shrestha

Master Edition : 


The LUMSA University has been one of the best experience in my life and I feel great that I decided to do my masters here when in real I was invited in many universities from UK and USA. Everything I did here has been unexpectedly positive and insightful. Being the first batch in MSDG, I feel ideal in one way or another with innovative approaches in all levels andaspects. I would not think twice to say Yes, LUMSA University is a wonderful zone to be.
Thanks to our magnificent professors and the entire MSDG team for always being available to offer help, support and advice even after being so busy, they managed to take time for us. Not to forget, the great people I met in the class who were extremely eager to get to know and understand one and another. I never felt so complete. I always thought I am way too different, when I met all my friends here I felt like we are alike and there are people like me: very few but I am not alone. I felt like I belong here, this is where I am supposed to be. I have tons of memories I am taking with me from LUMSA and one of my most memorable experience is dinner with everyone organized by Dr. Ferri: that was simply awesome.